Sunday, 15 February 2009

Plenty for everyone

The rising tide of anger against bankers seems to be entering a new, exciting phase.

In the first phase, there was confusion. Commentators and experts emitted surprise and concern at the state of the world’s finances.

In the second, people became annoyed. Years of plenty, easy living and excess coming to an end. How terribly unfair!

In the third, we demanded explanations.

In the fourth, being none the wiser, we demanded apologies from people no more in control of events than a three-year-old’s parents in a supermarket. But at least we tried for emotional closure.

In the fifth, and new phase, we are confused, angry, frustrated but demand change! In this perilous political place, any and all explanations are offered for something we have no understanding of, backed by advocates of anything and everything.

So, if you have an axe to grind, a political project that has yet to get off the ground and does not really make sense, NOW is the time to act! Yes, for the next six months any idea, no matter how poorly thought through, lacking in evidence or worthwhile outcome, might well become law so as to satisfy the media’s anger.

And all this populist nonsense even before the Conservative Party comes to power!

Me? Well, I blame MEN! (I couldn't read this with a straight face, can you?)

No, sorry I mean ADVERTISERS!


Sorry, I meant the GOVERNMENT!



There's so much to go round, why not everyone? And can we sue?

I wonder who will win this
battle for Britain’s baffled, angry masses?

Whoever it is, I suspect it won’t be us.

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