Monday, 30 March 2009

150,000 words!

Lucky commuters received a spoof copy of the Financial Times on Friday. It was quite a piece of work.

"Journalists frame public debate, and the City frames public policy,” said Raoul Djukanovic [made up name], who edited today’s fake FT. “If they reframed their thinking, they could help build a different world instead of conning us with lifestyle porn and bubbles."

The journalists behind it are - it is thought - disaffected financial hacks. Alphaville says it was written by Michael Fowkes, who wrote this, which provides some evidence for his authorship.

As a financial journalist, I can't say I felt particularly challenged by it. In fact, after a page I grew bored. No jokes. No facts. Just a series of long-winded assertions by someone with a political axe to grind.

Hardly something the internet is lacking.

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Anonymous said...

The FT Alphaville lads were joking about Fowke being behind the spoof FT. He had nothing to do with it.