Friday, 13 March 2009

Emotional closure

The Jon Stewart vs Jim Cramer argument has gone to an interesting place, in my humble opinion.

After days of increasing - and articulate - anger from Jon Stewart, one of CNBC's leading commentators, Jim Cramer, went onto his show.

And - amazingly - the debate is really interesting. Stewart tones down his hyperbole, while Cramer also seems sober.

Couple of things - Stewart thinks that people were so engaged with the debate because of the gaps between CNBC's claims about itself and the reality. I don't agree, I think the engagement is because the public needs to talk, think, shout, engage and get some, er, closure on what is happening out there.

That's the first section. The second section is a little less interesting but we see Cramer accept things must change.

The third section sees Stewart act as the public, plaintively crying "why didn't you tell us this stuff?". It is eloquent, angry and intelligent. Must watch stuff.

Here's some blog opinion on the debate.

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