Wednesday, 6 May 2009

I don't think this is a parody

"In a new Special Comment, entitled "On the Hook -- Update on Moody's
Global Macroeconomic Risk Scenarios 2009-2010", Moody's explains that the
"hook"-shaped scenario has the steep downturn signalled by the U-shaped
scenario, but neither the steep but delayed rebound of the U scenario,
nor the flat stagnation of the L-shaped scenario. Instead, it has an
upward tilt that lies somewhere in between, illustrating the painful
recovery that the headwinds of a severe and synchronised balance sheet
restructuring will cause. The "hook-shaped" scenario is a variant of,
rather than a departure from, the U-shaped recovery -- the previous
central forecast."

Source: Moody's

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matt h2o said...

I suppose it must the opposite of the equally inane j-curve